Beverly Logan, MFA International Center for Photography/Bard College, BA political science Columbia University, has been a photographer for over forty years. Her award-winning work has appeared in solo and group shows as well as advertisements and editorials around the world.


What We See

“What We See” is a project that examines visualizations, dreams and memories through collages made from Logan's photographic archives. Each collage consists of a background image which sets the stage with cutout elements from other photographs layered on top. Logan relies on color and composition to make the collages in the same way composers rely on harmony, scales and tone to write music. Her thousands of images become raw material, much like skeins of yarn or mounds of clay ready to be made into a scarf, a sculpture, a collage.

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Logan was a caregiver to her husband for six years as the disease Dementia with Lewy Bodies ravished his mind and body. He had a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering but as the disease progressed, he could not tell the difference between his iPhone and the television remote.

These images are from Logan's archives taken at a better time in their lives. Each inkjet image has been torn into strips and woven or pieced together in an attempt to bring order – no matter how random - to the chaos the disease brought to their lives.

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Logan has spent three years photographing stuff in stores in New York City to show the degree to which consumerism has taken over our lives. Individuals are exposed to over 5,000 ads a day and, as a nation, we spend more on shoes, handbags and jewelry than higher education.